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  • The Supreme Court Declined a Protestors' Rights Case. Here's What You Need to Know. April 22, 2024
    The Supreme Court recently declined to hear a case, Mckesson v. Doe, that could have affirmed that the First Amendment protects protest organizers from being held liable for illegal actions committed by others present that organizers did not direct or intend. The high court’s decision to not hear the case at this time left in place an opinion by the Fifth Ci […]
    Urooba Abid
  • Final ‘Pregnant Workers Fairness Act’ Regulations Were Released—And It’s Great News for Women April 19, 2024
    Today, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released its final regulations implementing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. The landmark statute mandating “reasonable accommodation” of workers’ pregnancy-related needs went into effect last summer, but the regulations explain the PWFA’s protections in more detail, providing additional guidance to w […]
    Gillian Thomas
  • The Government Denies People Access to Asylum Because of Language Barriers. We're Fighting Back. April 18, 2024
    Every year, thousands of asylum seekers from diverse corners of the world seek refuge in the United States. Many — like Indigenous people from Latin America and Africa — are fleeing persecution based on the languages they speak and their cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. Their ability to access the asylum system has life-or-death consequences. Yet ou […]
    My Khanh Ngo
  • Our New 4/20 Merch and Ongoing Fight for Legalization April 15, 2024
    For decades, the ACLU has fought against the war on drugs. The criminalization of cannabis has led to far too many unjust incarcerations, which waste critical resources and billions of dollars. According to numbers from our 2020 report, it also disproportionately affects Black Americans, who continue to be almost four times more likely to be arrested for mar […]
    Kia Winter
  • One Year Later, Hope for Humanity in Arizona Prisons April 8, 2024
    My job is to sue prisons, and I love my work. My colleagues and I work to ensure the basic human dignity to people our society has locked up. But it is, more often than not, extraordinarily frustrating. Our clients, the human beings locked away in our criminal justice system, live in dire conditions. They are warehoused. Their medical and mental health needs […]
    Maria Morris


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